recommended books for adopted children

Below are some of our favourites bedtime reads. Most of the books featured here are for under fives, though as many adopted children at times operate at an emotionally younger age than their peers these title may well be suitable for  older children. We have sought out some books that are good for a range of ethnicities. Some of the books are specifically about adoption, others are not, but they work well in that context.


This lovely book about friendship and loss relates directly to a blog written by one of our mum’s: A story about bereavement and loss.

penguin polly dunbar

A fine story about a penguin who doesn’t say ANYTHING. Great end.

The anny goats kid

A wild story about a goat adopting a TIGER!










tell me again

Jamie Lee Curtis lovely book about how to bring in birth family to the equation in an easy and loving way.



Azra Keats wistle

Another beautiful book by Keats’. Not specifically for adoption.




What makes a baby

Sexual education start early! This is a good place to start.


no matter what

A true classic. Am I still loveable if I break and smash the world around me?






How are you feeling today

Written by parenting expert Jane Evans, this books tackles domestic abuse head on. Heavy book for heavy feelings. A rare gem!


5 thoughts on “recommended books for adopted children

  1. Have you also heard of The Scared Gang by Eadaoin Bhreathnach and Sighle Bhreathnach
    or the Margot Sunderland books (The Day the Sea Went out and Never Came Back, Willy and the Wobbly House, A Wibble Called Bipley: A Story for Children Who Have Hardened Their Hearts or Becomes Bullies……and more)?
    No Matter What was essential reading in our house when one of my daughters couldn’t control her destructive emotions. A lovely book.

    • Thank you, Nicola
      The Margot Sunderland are on my list to check out. Will add once I have had a closer look. Thanks for the reminder! And for The Scared Gang. I’ll look out for that too. As for No Matter What. I completely agree. A must read (we’ve got it twice over on there recommended reading page)
      Thank you so much for your comment and suggestions! Much appreciated!! We will keep updating these recommendation pages as and when we come across book and resources.

  2. I love ‘I wished for you’ by Marianne Richmond. Particularly good for a single adopter. I liked the question and answer format so much I used it for my daughter’s life story book.

    • Thank you for that recommendation. I love that book too. And it is a clear omission! Will add it asap. Do let us know if there are any books you think are missing, or that you find in the future… 🙂 Thanks again.

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