Hackney/Islington runs a weekly playgroup that meet during school term.
Get in touch if you are interested in joining this group.

Richmond also runs weekly playgroup that meet during school term. Contact us if you are interested in this group.

Our Southwark group also runs weekly playgroup during school term.You can contact them via

In North Buckinghamshire adopters meet for a weekly playgroupYou can contact them via this website or


Please note that several of our groups tag onto existing playgroups, that is there will be non-adoptive parents present too, as well carers. Many dads also attend our groups.


What our members say:

‘It is just great to know you are not the only adoptive parent here!’

‘I love being part of the group and have made a couple of new friends which makes life so much easier sharing the ups and downs of parenthood.’

‘This is the highlight of my week.’

‘Walking into the playgroup for the first time was a delight!  A huge expansive space full of parents and kids with a really superb variety of toys and so much room to run around. On top meeting the We Are Family group gave you a real sense of belonging and such a great chance for all the kids to meet on a regular basis. We look forward to it every week.’

‘I have been to a few playgroups but felt immediately at home and comfortable at the playgroup.  I am so glad to have found it as it is exciting to watch all our beautiful adopted children thriving in wonderful atmosphere with lots of children and mums and dads.’

‘I can’t begin to say how wonderful it is, to meet so many lovely and like minded people has been fantastic and something that has made things so much easier for me, as we don’t have something like NCT classes it’s nice to meet other people something I’ve struggled with at the other classes I go to.’

It's your turn. What do you think? Does this resonate with you? Leave a comment and tell us why.

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