our vision

This is the slightly more formal bit…

Prevention is better than the cure. Always.

The mental health of the parent(s) is the foundation of a happy and healthy family, as only when we are ‘well’ can we truly be the compassionate, attuned, playful parents that we would wish to be.

Support for adoptive parents is about getting the best possible start as a family and continuing to offer support throughout the children’s lives as the families face new challenges, be it the arrival of the child or a sibling; the child beginning nursery or school; puberty closing in, or even the child leaving home – all of which can trigger the big questions in the adoption story, for parent and child alike. It may also just be that first comedown when everyday life sets in after the initial high of the placement.

Regular support for adoptive parents can provide the solid network for the parents to lean on as they work through their own thoughts and feelings, recognising that adoptive parents need an adapted type of support, particularly at the beginning and at times of transition. As parents we too need to feel emotionally contained in order for us to contain all the emotions of our children – otherwise there simply would be very little to give from.

We believe we are developing a proactive model for adoptive parents, not just to prevent the breakdown of placements but to ensure parents get the opportunity to connect into an adoptive support network, not only if they are in crisis but through the highs and lows of every day life.

We believe in the simplicity of meeting and sharing. Experiences, thoughts, anecdotes.
Everything that makes a support network. In person.
The web is a wonderful resource but cannot make up for meeting face-to-face.

It's your turn. What do you think? Does this resonate with you? Leave a comment and tell us why.

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