about us

We Are family is an adoption support community  that operates in and around London. The group was founded in June 2013.

We welcome all adopters, including prospective and approved adopters.

The parent support groups however, continue to be exclusively for adopters and their families, as do most playgroups.

We Are Family users are primarily domestic adopters and concurrent carers representing seven charities and twenty-two local authorities. We also have a few intercountry adopters amongst us.

All types of families attend our activities – gay, lesbian, straight, single or couples. Many fathers come along, either alone or with their partners. The single adopters in our group have formed their own pan London subgroup. Similarly, the approved and prospective adopters have set up another pan London subgroup specifically for them. In both cases it was felt that they has specific needs that were not addressed by our other activities.

We do not offer advice, but active support and ‘organic buddying’ through our regular initiatives.
On this site we have added a few pages featuring some of our favourite books and websites, where advice can be sought.

If you would like to join us, please contact us.

5 thoughts on “about us

    • Hi Jean. At the moment there is not one specifically for Streatham, and here is the page listing all the groups that are currently up and running. https://wearefamilyadoption.wordpress.com/other-regular-groups/
      I’m afraid I don’t know your part of London very well as I’ve lived in Hackney for nearly 20 years, but would the Southwark group be anywhere near you or manageable? Groups get started up intermittently when people decide to take the bull by the horns, and you could always come along to one of our current group’s to see what we do and then either join in or consider starting one yourself.
      Hope that’s helpful and please feel free to get in touch with more questions.

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