Dear Lilly

IMG_2722Dearest Lilly

In a couple of hours John and I will meet you in person for the very first time.

I am incredibly excited!!! Hard to describe – much like bursts of colour exploding beneath the ocean.

There have been photos and many stories and description from your Foster Mum (Tara) and Link worker (Ruth). Throughout this I’ve felt a growing, quiet knowing that I will be your forever mum and with John, your forever family.

I am looking forward to getting to know you enormously!

I can only guess what a huge upheaval it is going to be for you, to move from what you know as your family home with Tara, Oslam and the kids.

I promise to do my best, to be there for you and to help you through any feelings of loss that may arise. As I put on the mantle of motherhood; I wish for you the joy/comfort of a warm, loving family. My greatest desire is to parent in a way that allows you to discover your uniqueness and be (with confidence) whoever it is that Lilly is.

I wish for you to experience the MAGIC! of life and living.

Committed to forever…

Your ‘new’ mummy


4 thoughts on “Dear Lilly

  1. Hi, very glad to hear your excitement and also your empathy for your soon to be daughter. I’m aware that you’ve added in quite a few identifying names of people in her life and would caution that this may be unwise (or perhaps you’ve changed them?). I can see most people on a site like this avoid using any names and places so that families are kept fully anonymous. I hope introductions go really well for you.

    • Thanks for your comment J McCann. Just to put your mind at rest, all blogs that get posted on here are done so by me the administrator and I can assure you that all names and other identifying features have been changed.

  2. I found the approaching beginning of introductions was the scariest time. Scary because despite all of the training there was no real way of knowing exactly what we were letting ourselves in for.

    However, no amount of impending terror could ever come close to how our Mister Man and LIttle Miss must have been feeling in the run up to introductions (especially considering how much they loved their foster carers and their placement).

    In the end introductions was absolutely fine and the kids have settled well and all is going swimmingly (famous last words!).

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