Dear son: You will always be…

IMG_2100My dear son, I am writing this after tidying up the playroom, removing all the dinosaurs from the washing machine hidey hole and making your packed lunch for school tomorrow. It’s exhausting being your mummy, that’s for sure but when I look back over the years all is remember is the insane giggles we have had, the beautiful moments and the happiness your bring into our world. I penned this poem to remember our celebration day together – you are ours and we are always yours, forever and ever. X
Our beautiful boy
Our son and heir
With the golden, curly hair.
We wished and prayed for you and all
Our dreams came true when our wish appeared,
And it was you.
Our love for you is as warming and true as the daily dawn.
And you, my son will always be
Our son and heir with the golden, curly hair.

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