Daddy – will you play with me?

20150813_091346Daddy – will you play with me?

In a minute; I just need to wash these dishes up.


Daddy – will you play with me now?

Not just now; I need to write this email.


Daddy – will you play with me now?

I’m a bit busy right now; I just need to make this phone call.


Daddy – will you play with me now?

Yes I will – just let me finish watching this football match.


Daddy – with you play with me now?

Definitely, I just need to put this shelf up.


Daddy – will you play with me now?

I will yes; after I’ve washed the car.


Daughter, I’ve finished everything I needed to do. I’m ready to play.

Daddy, I’m 19 and I’ve left home. I’m busy now.




2 thoughts on “Daddy – will you play with me?

  1. This reminds me of a time when neighbor was walking by while I was tending to the yard. She engaged me in small in small chat and I was telling her about all the chores and house projects our family had completed that day. She abruptly grabbed my arm and asked in an urgent tone, “How clean are your floors?!” I was stunned and confused as she began to chuckle. She quickly explained that she had been to a Christmas party years ago and an elderly woman did the same thing to her. The older woman had spent the better years of her life worrying about the cleanliness of her home. Before she knew it her children had grown and she had missed all the years with them. Her point was that occupying yourself with clean floors can mean sacrificing time with your family.
    How clean are your floors? 😀

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