The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Our son is 3

Image 11My son is 3 and this is our 3rd Christmas together but his very first Christmas we didn’t get to share with him. I catch myself feeling melancholy that our boy, was wrapped up in someone else’s arms, waking up on Christmas Day with another family and both he and us (on this day) had no idea of each other’s existence. How does this seem possible now when he is etched into every fibre and part of our make up. I pinch myself and remind myself that he was truly well looked after from the moment he was born. I tell myself that it’s normal to wonder about all this but pointless being anything else but blessed. He is with us now. Today is what’s important and tomorrow we get to wrap him up in our arms over and over again.


It's your turn. What do you think? Does this resonate with you? Leave a comment and tell us why.

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